Are you an Author? Get Your Book Featured in
Our Book Review on KNOB TV


How it works:
Three books are spotlighted together in one video. Description of the book, reviews, author bio and contact information is included.

What we need:
Fill this information out on the submission form.

Introduction:  one sentence description of book
Graphic photo of the book cover: high resolution 300 DPI, 5.5in x 8in preferable
2-3 Reviews: up to 75 characters for each review
Author Bio: live video introducing yourself, sharing why you wrote the book and anything of importance you want people to know; or audio recording and photo of yourself or one of your choosing.
Closing: where the book can be purchased

Submission Form and Release Form:
Please complete the submission and release forms  below.

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$150.00 submisson fee per book, payable through our contribution page. Follow the link with two hands at the bottom of this page.
Includes: editing of the video and an interview with podcaster Jackie Schwabe of PressPlay Lifestyle Inspired Podcast

Jackie will get in touch with you once KNOB TV receives your submission and fee.