Be Empowered

    The mind is a powerful tool, one in which we can be in control of or allow to control us. With the advances in technology we are exposed to more information than ever in the history of man/woman. Although this is great in relation to stretching humanity beyond the usage of 5% of our brain, it also brings on a whole new challenge to the mental mind.
    Stability and balance are shattered when we take in too much information. If a person is not stable in their sense of self; the ability to discern, manage stress, and stand in their own power, the noise can be deafening. Read More>>>>


    The Observer Effect

    You are the one making up the rules of your own experience of reality. By exercising the freedom to think outside the box, make different choices than where you are being led by others, release limiting beliefs and concepts, and observing with the intent to define your existence, you can activate the observer effect. Read More>>>>


    Morning Musings - 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 1 Birth, Death, and the Space In-Between

    There is a beginning, there is a middle and then there is the transition. Life is the master teacher, we are the student and it is the energy, efforts, and wisdom carving out the art form of who we are and how we travel lifes winding roads.  Read More>>>>


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